Case of the week 2/3/20

Adrien-Maxence Hespel

University of Tennessee

Publication Date: 2020-02-03


12 year old mixed breed dog, inapettence, lethargy

3 images



There is decreased serosal detail, most severe in the mid-ventral abdomen.

The liver is moderately enlarged extending beyond the costal arches with lobular margins and is causing caudodorsal deviation of the gastric axis.

There is an ill-defined, rounded to lobular soft tissue opaque structure in the mid-ventral abdomen caudo-dorsal to the liver. There are intestinal segments superimposed with this structure on all views. The cranial pole of the left kidney is rounded and enlarged compared to the caudal pole. The unobscured margins of the right kidney are normal. The spleen and urinary bladder are normal. No free peritoneal gas is identified. T

here is incidental spondylosis deformans at T11-12, T12-13. The included caudal thorax is normal.



The patient underwent abdominal ultrasound where the following was found.

Jejunal wall mass with regions of ulceration, multifocal sites of asymmetric jejunal and colonic wall thickening (with a focal region of loss of colonic wall layering), bilateral renal nodules/small masses, and nodular hepatomegaly with hepatic nodules/small masses; these findings are most consistent with disseminated neoplasia, with primary consideration given to lymphoma.

At this point the patient without additional diagnosis.